Recently named ‘one of the most stylish dispensaries in the country' by Architectural Digest, Farnsworth Fine Cannabis Company is a must visit in the Berkshires. Aesthetically pleasing, their museum-quality showroom is like stepping into a wondrous world of weed: sparkling THC seltzers, gummies galore, fine cannabis cigarettes, Valrhona chocolate bars, lotions, potions, and now…their lavender body oil with a touch of THC.

The shoppe is run by the Farnsworth brothers, Brayden and Alexander, whose great uncle Philo T Farnsworth invented the television. On display are 40+ vintage Farnsworth radios and other memorabilia.

In addition to being family owned and operated, Farnsworth is the first LGBTQ+ cannabis company in the area. Let’s support our own community and queer owned business everywhere.

Pssst…a secret from Trixie…mention Farnsworth’s queer cannabis club for off-menu items and pricing.

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  • Farnsworth Body Oil
  • Farnsworth Body Oil

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