Bob's Restaurant

Bob's Restaurant. Casual, down-to-earth, local diner.
Excellent service.
Inexpensive food.
Great breakfast menu.

In one episode of "Sex and the City", Carrie Bradshaw said that you have to live in New York for ten years before you're considered a New Yorker.

If you live in Hudson for ten years, are you a Hudsonian? No.

It doesn't work that way.

You are not a real Columbia County resident until one of the waitresses at Bob's knows your regular breakfast order, by heart. Then, MAYBE, you're a true Columbia County resident.

(The fact that I'm still using "Sex and the City" references after fourteen years in Hudson makes my own Columbia County residential status suspect.)

Bob's Restaurant is open, and you have to go.

The breakfast special at $2.85 is probably half of what you'd pay for a fancy-schmancy-double-shot-part-skim-part-soy moccachino latte at a chain coffee shop in NYC.

(For those of you concerned that a Starbucks may open in Hudson - have no fear. In 2018, Hudson's Common Council passed a law to preserve local character and no chain businesses can open, with some exceptions. Here's an article on that law in Hudson. Can a Starbucks open in next door neighbor, Greenport? Well...)

Fox news may be playing in the background. If you're offended by THAT, then just pack it up and go back to may not survive upstate.

Bob's is consistent, like any good diner. In a world that is constantly changing, you can rest assured that Bob's pancakes are fluffy, the french toast is grilled and brown, and the waitresses are smiling and ready with a cup of coffee. When they know you, you'll get a cup as soon as you sit down when they greet you - how great is that? It's the simple things!

Maybe you've had a wild night out, stumbling up and down Warren Street (which, by the way, is like a canyon, and every drunken word you said was heard by everyone with an apartment window on the street) then get to Bob's at 6am, for some eggs, bacon and pancakes for $5 to sop up the $15 cocktails from the night before.

Ten dollars for breakfast, and you'll eat like a king or queen - with some extra cash to leave for the friendly waitresses.


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  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY
  • Bob’s Restaurant, Hudson, NY

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