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Artist Exhibition and Performance: “Jacob Graham’s Creatures of Yes in Suspended Animation”

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In partnership with The Hudson Eye, Window On Hudson is delighted to present its first performance based artist in “Jacob Graham’s Creatures of Yes in Suspended Animation.”  Graham will be presenting videos as well as live performance from August 5th through Labor Day, September 6, 2021.  

Viewers will find a variety of Graham’s short films being simultaneously projected in the storefront windows 24/7.  The exhibition continues indoors with additional videos amid a fully realized environment, transporting the visitor into the land occupied by the Creatures of Yes.     

When asked about his films, Graham says “‘The Creatures of Yes’ are short puppet films sort of like an educational television show from another dimension – somewhat magical and with subtle bits of humor throughout.  The main idea is that they’d be a time travel experiment, only using cameras and other equipment from the 1970s and earlier.  Most of the films I enjoy are old, so I wanted to make something old too.

In some ways the experiment worked. Many people have told me they’ve stumbled upon the films and actually thought they were from the ‘70s.  But my goal was never to trick people; it was just to point out that time, as we know it, is a human construct that could be played with.

This exhibit, ‘Suspended Animation,’ is the first time I’ve shown the components of these films: sets, props, and of course the puppets – in a lifeless state. I hope when people experience the exhibit that time will stand still, or… at least feel a little muddled.”

In explaining the live performances, he says “‘Lucifer Brings Electric Light to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair’ is a live, object puppetry performance piece.  It presents the fallen angel as ‘the light bearer’, electrifying the global celebration of man’s achievements and hinting at ominous consequences for that progress.  This piece plays with layers of time and considers it as subject matter, stylistic veneer, and audience perspective – the setting of the piece is 1893 Chicago, the performance style is mid-century New York City, and the audience perspective is the present (for now).”  

The short film “An Educational Program on Gender” was made a couple years ago with my frequent collaborator Stoph Scheer. It discusses gender identity and sexuality in a way that’s somewhat meandering and mischievous. It aims to demystify the topics but perhaps leaves the viewer with more questions than answers. I like to think of this film as a sort of reverse-time capsule: inserting a positive educational program about alternative gender expression into the 1970s.”

An Artist Reception will take place on Saturday, August 14th from 6-9pm in conjunction with the 2econd Saturday Hudson Gallery Crawl.  

Three different live performances will take place throughout the month:

Saturday, August 14th, 6-9pm on the hour and half hour – “An Educational Program On Gender”

Saturday, August 21st, 6 and 7:30pm“Lucifer Brings Electric Light to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair” 

Monday, September 6th, 1pm – The Hudson Eye Artist Talk and Closing Salon with “Mary Broomfellow reading visitors predictions of future Christmas.”

Window On Hudson takes Covid-19 and your health seriously.  It follows the most current federal, state and local guidelines for safety.  As the population of Hudson is diverse we ask that masks be worn indoors.  

About Window On Hudson

Window On Hudson offers storefront window exhibition space for artists of all mediums who are in Hudson and the Hudson Valley.  Window On Hudson is committed to providing a platform for established and developing artists to display their work, of all mediums, while also offering professional development opportunities for emerging artists.  Window On Hudson exhibits a new artist on a monthly basis.  Artists interested in submitting their work may do so by emailing submissions@windowonhudson.org or visiting the website www.WindowOnHudson.org.

About The Hudson Eye

The Hudson Eye is an artist-driven 10-day annual public program and urban showcase, with a focus on dance, music, performance, film and visual art.  Taking place from August 27 – September 6, 2021, this program, presented by the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation and arranged by curator Aaron Levi Garvey, aims to celebrate the arts community in Hudson and help stimulate creativity and connectivity. The Hudson Eye partners with local venues and also features daily “Hot Topics” talks that are free and open to the public, hosted by guest speakers whose professional affiliations represent the diversity of Hudson.  A complete schedule of events can be found at thehudsoneye.com


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