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THE INTIMACY: a first person plural performance

Get ready to dive deep into THE INTIMACY: a first person plural performance!

Join the Flow Chart Foundation for an immersive prosopography, a theatrical exploration of our tenuous human connections and our layered solidarities.

THE INTIMACY uses a slippery, shifting first-person plural to tell the story of a leftist choreopolitical collective as it coheres, grows, incorporates, and eventually transforms.

The play’s shifting first-person plural is a figure for the way any “we” overlaps and intersects with others—from the new we of a mother and baby to the prickly we of a leftist coalition to the shifting, constellatory we of friends and lovers to the rhetorical we we use to speak of an imagined fellow human. We’re used to this—the we changing. It changes, for each of us, a dozen times in a day—we are eating breakfast and then we are waiting for the bus and then we are riding the bus and then we are at school, and all of those constituencies are different. Some are long-lasting or recurrent, like the we of our family, and some are very fleeting, like the we that gets off the bus and almost immediately disperses. But we were aligned, for a moment, in the process of coming apart.

This version of THE INTIMACY, specially created for The Flow Chart Foundation for one performer, will run about an hour.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage with others in a way that will leave you feeling connected and inspired.


Jun 29 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Flow Chart Space
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