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Opening Reception for “Elements of a View” by Zach Neven

Zach Neven’s minimalist landscapes are informed by place. He grew up and still lives in Columbia County and spends much of his time exploring and photographing back roads and mountain trails searching for new views and vistas of this beautiful countryside. The mountains, fields, forests and skies are starting points for his interpretations, which are reduced to elemental compositions of vibrant color and geometric shapes. Outlines appear where colors meet creating equally weighted, compact, flattened forms. While they are succinct and austere, they are also spiritual and expansive manifestations of the artist’s kinship with his surroundings.

Elements of a View will open February 11th at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works in Hudson, NY, with an artist’s reception from 5pm-8pm. The show will run until March 11th.


Feb 11 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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D'Arcy Simpson Artworks
D'Arcy Simpson Artworks
409 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534

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