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Odds Against Tomorrow: Movies on Mainstreet

Odds Against Tomorrow (1959, dir. Robert Wise, 95min)
Tickets: $5

In collaboration with The Hudson Area Library History Room

Partly shot right here in Hudson, New York, Odds Against Tomorrow is widely cited as the last movie of the film noir era. This taut and tense heist film stars Harry Belafonte as a reckless gambler who joins with a bigoted ex-con (Robert Ryan) and an embittered ex-cop (Ed Begley) in a last-ditch bank robbery in a small upstate town. Featuring incredible footage of 1950’s Hudson and many local residents as extras, Odds Against Tomorrow not only offers an opportunity to see the Hudson of yesteryear, but offers an allegory about racism, greed, and man’s propensity for self-destruction.

This screening includes a special exhibition of photographs shot on location during the filming of Odds Against Tomorrow, provided by the Hudson Area Library History Room.


Apr 20 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Hudson Hall
Hudson Hall
327 Warren Street, Hudson NY
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