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Modernized by Zach Neven at D’Arcy simpson Art Works

Zach Neven is rarely seen without his camera. He is known in Columbia County for his photography of local events and bucolic landscapes. However, Zach is also a prolific painter and Modernized is his project that fuses the two. In this collection, Zach paints directly on his photographs as well as found material that he unearths at junk shops and yard sales. He varies the treatment of the surface depending on how he wants the subject to be perceived. In some photos, he sands the surface and then colors in selected areas creating ghostly visages. In others he covers the faces of old family and group portraits with bright colored dots. His use of words is sardonic and irreverent. “It’s like when you were a kid with a coloring book and the pictures are already made, you have to figure out ways to make it your own” Zach says. “Most artists hate having a blank canvas, so I use something that already exists. I’ve been exploring abstraction in all of my work because it allows me to explore and express parts of myself that are subconscious and impossible to articulate outside of my art”. Modernized will open on Saturday Oct 24 and be available at D’Arcy Simpson Art Works through December and on Darcysimpsonartworks.com. For more information contact Ellen D’Arcy Simpson at ellendsimpson.22@gmail.com.


D’Arcy Simpson Art Works
409 Warren Street
Hudson NY



Oct 24 2020


opening will be on the 24th buy art will be up through December
4:00 am - 7:00 pm

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D'Arcy Simpson Artworks


D'Arcy Simpson Artworks
409 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534


Ellen D'Arcy Simpson
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