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Ian Clyde – “Nature is Coming”

Clyde’s vibrant and meticulously crafted paintings depict decaying buildings overtaken by nature and time. He sees a world where we build monumental objects with great care and intent only to then abandon these things because we no longer value them … or the inevitable happens. Time forces us to move on.

Nature then takes over. Nature always takes over. Nature is stronger than anything we can create. When we are gone and the next generation looks at our accomplishments they may ask, “Why did they do this? Why did they build this ridiculous thing?”

Clyde draws on his experience playing video games as inspiration for the images, sketching out these paintings with 3D computer graphics software. A fantasy is constructed using perspective and light sources which are found in our practical world. He then paints, often with a technique that nears pointillism, using acrylics for the manmade structures and oils for the organic matter.

Ian Wilson Clyde is an artist and motion graphics designer living in Craryville, NY. He grew up north of Boston and attended Rhode Island School of Design for Graphic Design. He paints in oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, board and 3d printed materials. He has exhibited extensively in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

“Nature is Coming” will be on view through February 6, 2023.


Dec 08 2022 - Jan 08 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Window on Hudson
Window on Hudson
43 South 3rd Street
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