Photograph by Helena Zay
Nature & LandscapePhotography Exhibition HELENA ZAY, ANNA POWELL, SCOTT FARRELL,
Opening Reception November 12th 7PM
Join us for Drinks, Live Music, and a Poetry Reading at the end of the evening with exhibiting artist Leif Garbish.
Holding Light is another “incarnation” of our dedication to light in art at Lightforms. Photography and poetry feed into each other’s expression where words trigger images of interweaving color and rhythms, where shimmering photography becomes a tumble of words in the wind. The artists in this show have cultivated a sense for the beyond in their nature photography and poetry, drawing on the spirit of place or the inner essence of plant, water, cloud and geological life, the signature of a landscape. A devotion to the sacred nature of our world and a keen eye for the ephemeral manifestations of the creative forces in nature have driven this work. Leif Garbisch’s photographs and poems turn to the light always in dancing, playful, magnificent, perceptive compositions, Helena Zay’s vibrant and poignant photographs chronicle a journey across country and zero in on some of America’s most iconic landscapes and gestural expressions of geology, plant life and atmospheric, vaporous color weaving, while Anna Powell’s images magnify magical marks of growth allowing a close gaze at nature’s activity and Scott Farrell’s works straddle the indistinguishable tension filled territory between painting and photography, drawing with broad, airy strokes from the best of both worlds.


Nov 12 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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743 Columbia Street

Lightforms Art Center

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