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H. David Stein: “Flowers: Up-Close and Personal”

Hudson, NY – 510 Warren Street Gallery is pleased to present a show of photography by H. David Stein titles “Flowers: Up-Close and Personal” beginning Friday, October 2 and continuing until Sunday, November 1, 2020.

In this series of photographs, Stein has magnified the intrinsic beauty of flowers, both native and from around the world.  The colors and the details all combine to produce a symphony of abstraction to captivate the eye. Stein pays very close attention to the print itself to ensure consistent fine art quality using only archival materials assuring the longevity of his art.

When Stein retired as a professor of surgery, he took courses at the International Center for Photography with several well-known photographers in the New York area.  His art has been on display at numerous galleries in New York, Washington, DC and throughout New England.

By combining his surgical training, which focused on minute variations of color and texture in the human body with the inspiration he received from some of the finest artists in this medium, Stein has developed a unique way of seeing and reacting to the world around him with a distinctive aesthetic.


Nov 29 2020
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