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Gisela Wielke and Madleon Holder – Reimagining the Discarded

This 3-day pop-up show (Fri. 3-7:00, Sat/Sun. 2-6:00) exhibits small-scale assemblage artworks created from original observations of the discarded things one finds littering the streets, in gutters, in dumpsters, in drawers, but also in nature, by the ocean, riverbanks, truncated things, torn out of their story, washed ashore, cast aside by people, by time, by life. This happens also with parts of every human biography, the regrettable, failed, undervalued parts, tossed aside intentionally or carelessly.

Gisela Wielke: “What calls me are the partial things, the discarded ones that beckon to be reintegrated into a new story in whimsical, witty, quirky, humorous, silly, playful ways, but also thoughtful and always with attention, appreciation and respect for the intelligence, the spirit that once created the whole.”



Nov 05 2023


Fri, Nov 3rd - 3-7pm | Sat-Sun Nov 4th-5th - 2-6pm
3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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743 Columbia Street

Lightforms Art Center

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