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Dust Bowl Faeries + Frenchy & the Punk at No Fun, Troy NY

SUPER DARK PRESENTS: Dust Bowl Faeries +
Frenchy & the Punk at No Fun, 275 River St. Troy NY.  8PM, free/donation
FRENCHY AND THE PUNK is French-born singer and percussionist Samantha Stephenson and American Hardcore Punk veteran guitarist Scott Helland. Their music is flavored with a retro-80’s dark alternative post-punk vibe intertwined with 60s pop and modern cabaret.
Reminding one generation of Grace Slick and another of Siouxsie Sioux, Stephenson sings in both English and French with a powerful yet graceful Gothy heft. As the lyricist, she tackles the ghosts of the past with levity and sultry charm. Guitarist Scott Helland, a former punk rock bass player from the legendary Massachusetts hardcore bands Deep Wound (with J Mascis and Lou Barlow of Dinosaur jr) and Outpatients, propels this dynamic duo’s sound with looped rhythms and melodic Rock, Surf and Spanish style acoustic guitar licks… https://frenchyandthepunk.com/
DUST BOWL FAERIES dark carnival dream music
A faerie tale fusion of dark cabaret, gothic polka and circus punk music, Dust Bowl Faeries is a dark-carnival band from the New York Hudson Valley. Accordion, singing saw, acoustic guitar, lap-steel, bass and percussion combine to create the Dust Bowl Faeries otherworldly sound. The band was founded by Ryder Cooley and her taxidermy spirit animal, Hazel the Ram. Ryder and Hazel are joined by Jon B. Woodin, Liz LoGiudice, Andrew Stein & Rubie LaRue. Dust Bowl Faeries are releasing a new EP in 2022 featuring harpist Mikaela Davis. They released their 2nd album, The Plague Garden, during the 2020 pandemic. Previously, the band released two EP’s and a self titled debut album featuring Tommy Stinson (Replacements) & Melora Creager (Rasputina)…https://www.dustbowlfaeries.com/


Apr 23 2022


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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