Opening Reception: CENTER RING

Figureworks is pleased to present Center Ring, wood carvings by sculptor Janice Mauro and mixed media photo collage by Wayne Montecalvo. From this unlikely pairing, using these very different media, comes beauty and harmony originating from a like-minded philosophy – to allow the materials to guide the process and emerge organically.

Janice has approached this philosophy through carving into the wood and letting this subtractive process lead and direct her. She says “I find comfort in the nature of wood, being the shape, texture, and species all dictate my creations. To see the sculpture emerge and slowly evolve as l physically remove the wood is a spiritual phenomenon that only the carver knows. I now work in a manner referred to as ‘Direct Carving’. This freedom allows me to modify my intentions as the piece develops.”

Wayne’s process differs in that it involves building upon a photographic-based image either directly on board or reversely on glass. This additive approach allows him the freedom to combine a variety of mediums. Wayne says “I work with image, process and a variety of materials in order to push the confines of art making to reinvent, rather than reproduce an image. Allowing an idea to emerge organically through curiosity, I manipulate the materials to create unexpected results that distort and redefine. Taking a painterly approach gives me the option for discovery by welcoming chance occurrences to create a new way to see a familiar object.


Apr 06 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Figureworks at Green
Figureworks at Green
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