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Brian Dickerson: Constructed Paintings and Drawings

The deeply layered and reworked surfaces of the constructed paintings form a record of experience and emotion – a revelation of the time-honored process of self-exploration and all that it reveals. Hidden forms, apertures, geometric planes imposed onto flat layered surfaces suggest a geography, a key to exploring our own life experiences and how we came to be shaped and molded by them. These portals broach an elusive mystery: reflecting what has been discovered, what has been lost and what history is yet to be written. Visual, tactile and structural elements allow viewers to mine their own experiences. These mediators of mystery elevate the contemplation of deep surfaces – work undone and remade through scraping, sanding, painting over, like memories that have been reformed, polished, and retold from the distance of time.   Fri-Sun 2-8 or by appointment: 267-235-2397. Artist talk: July 30, 3  pm.


Aug 20 2023


2:00 pm - 8:00 pm


743 Columbia Street

Lightforms Art Center

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