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Bard Queer Milonga IV & Tango Master Class

It is a great pleasure to host globally renowned Tango Maestros Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne at our Bard Queer Milonga. We have two days of Master Classes, Milonga, Practica, Performances and live music with the Bard Student Tango Ensemble. Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity. I hope you will join us. Please register HERE.
Gustavo Naveira is considered “The Father of Nuevo Tango” for his profound contributions to the living history of tango. Giselle Anne is a globally renowned dancer and choreographer who has performed with the leading shows and in the most historic venues of tango. Together, their brilliant artistry and teaching has shaped the development of tango across North America, Europe, Asia and worldwide. They are known as “the teachers of all teachers”. Their work has expanded our imagination and the creative edge of tango.
Bard’s biannual Queer Milonga moves beyond the heterosexual norms of the dance, opening avenues to explore new aesthetic experiences. It allows everyone to fully explore freedom of creativity and expression, and discover human connection through this beautiful art. Join us!


Apr 09 2023


1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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