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Artist Reception: “WinterOver?” Sunday 10.24.21, 5-7pm

“WinterOver?” has moved to its long-term home at Time & Space Limited in Hudson, NY where it will withstand the weather that comes with the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Come celebrate this nine artist installation on Sunday, October 24th, from 5-7pm.


Artist Reception

Sunday, October 24th, from 5-7pm

Featuring the sculpture of Pamela Blum, Jeremy K. Bullis, Nurya Chana, Dan Devine, Mimi Graminski, Chiarra Hughes-Mba, Linda Mussmann, Gelah Penn, and Katharine Umsted.

Curated by George Spencer

Hosted by Time & Space, Ltd.  434 Columbia Street, Hudson NY, 12534

On view 24/7 through Spring 2022

George Spencer, the curator of “WinterOver?”, asked the artists to produce outdoor sculptures that will deteriorate over time.  With the pieces standing in the yard of TSL for 6 months they will be exposed to nature’s extreme elements.  Heat, wind, rain, snow, insects, mold, and mushrooms will cause the work to bend, crack, warp, fade and dissolve.  Spencer uses this deterioration as a metaphor for the destructive changes (like the attempt to overturn the 2020 election, the countless unnecessary deaths resulting from the incompetent response to COVID-19, the attack on the Capitol, and so much more) occurring in the world around us.

In the early Spring of 2022 the artists will be asked to revisit their work and assess the damage done during the Winter months.  Is their sculpture still standing; do only fragments remain; it is disfigured but still recognizable?  (Much like the questions Spencer asks about our Country.)  What then is the individual artist’s response to these changes?  Do they rebuild; build something new; make repairs; or leave things as they are?  (These are the questions we must constantly ask ourselves about life.)

We hope you enjoy watching the progress of the pieces in “WinterOver?” in the months to come.  There is always something exciting to check out at TSL: with new and classic films shown multiple times a day; a diverse group of artists’ work on exhibit in the large indoor gallery; live performances; special presentations from the TSL archives; Ku-Ki Shokudo Bento Boxes made-to-order on the weekends; and a treasure trove of books, knick-knacks and antiques for sale in the TSL Stuff Store.  You can also see the sculptures’ evolution on the TSL and individual artists’ instagram accounts.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!



Oct 24 2021


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Time and Space Ltd.
434 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY, USA
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