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Art Imitates Life With T. Klacsmann and Alan Coon : Opening Reception

Image: Sonata in Gray – Owl and Water Bottle

With his hauntingly beautiful depictions of the natural world, T. Klacsmanns work challenges the notion that animals and the environment should be viewed in terms of their usefulness to human-kind. Using marbled paper to create landscapes and linocut prints of animals and birds, he captures their consciousness as they exist independently from, but intermingled with, humanity.

In every scene, Klacsmann includes evidence of human habitation such as vehicles, trash, or architecture to show how land and animals are inextricably linked to human consumption – balancing beauty with the ominous forces he encounters in the world around him.


Image: Annual 2001-2002

For the past two decades, artist Alan Coon has created one selfie a day, each year documented on a single piece of paper. Viewed together, the non-digital portraits speak to the passage of time, the open meaning of a portrait, the nature of self criticism, and the stories we tell about ourselves.



Jun 25 2022


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Hudson Hall
Hudson Hall
327 Warren Street, Hudson NY
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