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On View: Janet Maya “CONNECTIONS” at The Robin Rice Gallery

Her Inner Solstice, 2024, Oil paint on canvas

You’re invited to celebrate with us the opening reception for Janet Maya’s painting exhibition “Connections” Saturday, June 22nd, 2024 from 4 pm to 7 pm.  On View: Thursdays-Mondays 11am-5pm until August 1st

Janet Maya’s art uniquely blends personal exploration and social commentary. Her paintings, which delve into gender, sexuality, and social tension, offer a fresh perspective on womanhood, gayhood, and motherhood. By advocating for Women’s rights, LGBTQ+ issues, and the pursuit of equity and justice, Maya’s work becomes a powerful tool for change. Using faceless figures is her signature, allowing her to convey the universal essence of human emotion. This approach invites viewers to connect with the stories depicted on the canvas in a profoundly personal way.

As a gay woman of Colombian and Irish-English descent, she draws deeply from her personal journey and observations of the world. By capturing the nuances of interpersonal dynamics and the complexities of human connection, she translates her experiences and observations into visual narratives.

Maya juxtaposes rich black, brown, and white silhouettes against a colorful background. These faceless figures evoke questions about identity and characteristics behind facades while revealing the strength and beauty of men and women in connection to one another and reflecting joy and affection.

Maya’s work fills the rooms with figurative paintings characterized by bold brush strokes and vibrant color palettes. The painting “Her Inner Solstice” is a throwback to a style that was reminiscent to her childhood. Another painting, “The Divers”, is a large-scale composite of competitive male divers showing their beautiful athletic physiques. Maya says, “Believing in humanity is being sensitive to our existence with each other since we are all connected.”

Maya was born in 1962 and grew up on Long Island, NY.  As a child, she remembers her father traveling the world for his textile business. Her exposure to fabrics and cultures from all around the globe influenced her artistic voice. In addition, she was greatly inspired by her mother – an artist with six children who never stopped creating art. In the late 60s and 70s, she and her mother frequented the Metropolitan Museum and the galleries in Soho, where Maya absorbed art history. While studying at The School of Visual Arts, she was influenced by William De Kooning, Manet, and Rothko. Before painting full-time, Maya was a scenic artist who worked on commercials and Showtime at the Apollo. Then, as an editor for TV commercials, she cut, edited, and ran color sessions and sound mixes. This is her first solo show at The Robin Rice Gallery.


Jul 28 2024


11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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